Monday, January 24, 2011

Skip skip skip to my lou

So......Husband and I had to call off our "long" run yesterday due to frigid temps and dangerous windchill. :( We even planned to run the 4 miles in the field house at the high school he teaches at, but for some reason there was a little kids' baseball practice going on. Dodging baseballs while running in circles wasn't as appealing as it sounded. Annnnd.....we had brought Bentley with because he needed a good run. Sadly, kids are his cryptonite. Flying balls, screaming kids, excited dog.....bad idea. So we skipped it. (only 3 weeks in and I can't believe how much I've skipped and rescheduled already! Yikes!)

But....that gave us more party time for the big game. So glad my Green Bay Packers pulled off a victory :) Superbowl here we come!!! A Superbowl victory would make the Half in May that much sweeter!

Enough excuses!

I did find time tonight to make up my "long" run. 4 miles in the frigid darkness. It gave me chance to try out my new reflective vest! I've always had the ankle cuffs, but they just don't do enough for my cool-weather ninja outfits. (For some reason all my cold-weather gear is black! How did that happen!?)

This is me flexing my "safety" muscles. I look pretty awesome don't I? Ha! Just to add an extra bit of shine to my outfit, I also brought along my trusty flashlight. Since I don't have a blinking light or anything, I find my flashlight works well for night runs. I shine it at oncoming traffic and am not afraid to use it as a projectile if necessary. I did manage to rig up a butt light by using Bentley's blinky-tag light :) Pinned it to the back of my jacket! Husband said he noticed it when he tracked me down in the neighborhood on his way home.

Yay for safety!

Now for the rest of the week. I need advice here. The plan calls for 3 miles Tuesday, cross train Thursday, 3 miles on Friday, 5 miles on Sunday. But....since I did 4 miles Monday, do I skip Tuesday, run 3 on Wednesday, skip cross training on Thursday, and then run 3 on Friday? Or do I just "rest" tomorrow, cross train on Thursday, and run 3 on Friday?

What to do?


  1. Nice safety gear! :)

    Hmm, if i were you i would use tomorrow as a rest day and do the cross training & 3 miles on Friday. I always hear cross training is good for runners. (i need to be more better at that!)

  2. Ha! I love it :) Wanna buy me some?