Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Temper, temper

In a desperate attempt to "stick to the plan" I decided I should get a run today. We have had isolated thunderstorms popping up all over our area all day long. I had checked weather.com before leaving school and everything was either north of us or moving away from our area....so I knew things would be alright on the weather front. (pun intended...he he he)

I was so excited to finally wear some of my summer running clothes. For my birthday, my sister-in-law gave me a great running tank and I purchased another one from a clearance rack at Target just last week. I usually wear knee-length sweat-pant fabric shorts. This is because I hate, I'll say it again, HATE, my thighs. They have always been BFF's and have insisted on touching every chance they get. This is a huge problem while running. I won't describe the nasty details, you can fill in those blanks on your own. Anyway....despite that, I still picked some cute shorty-shorts because they matched my running tank. I thought I would solve this problem by applying liberal amounts of Vaseline to my wretched thighs...but that, as it turns out, didn't help either. But, I told myself as I looked in the mirror, I looked great!

To make a long and disgusting story short I completed the run in a run/walk/stomp and cry fashion. The stomp and cry came in when I couldn't balance the water bottle I decided to take with because it was pushing 90 degrees and I hadn't drank enough water today to make it through a run like that without bringing along a water bottle. I have never run with a water bottle before for this exact reason, and will probably never run with one again. I eventually chucked it into the bushes near a spot that I would have to run by again and hoped I'd remember to pick it up. The stomp and cry also came in when I had to side-step and jiggle to keep the center portion of my shorty-shorts from migrating northwards. The liberal amounts of Vaseline did nothing to aid in this process.

After what felt like a long and hard-fought 4 miles, I made it back to the house only to lose a battle to the Brown Monster in the final seconds. Blast!

On the plus side, I did make it back home just minutes before one of those rogue isolated thunderstorms found our neighborhood and unleashed a wrath that knocked out our power for 2 hours. Yay!

7 days of school left.....


  1. I fight the same battle of upwards shorts migration! I finally found some compression shorts that end a few inches above my knees that by some miracle actually stay down. I only have one pair...now I need to find another because I can't wear the same ones every day!

    I think the same storm was chasing us yesterday! I started running towards it (out and back route) and when I turned around to go back to my office it was chasing me! About half a mile from the wind from it caught me and started pushing me faster. I made it inside JUST before the rain started. It was kinda fun!

  2. You could try compression shorts under your cute shorts. that would eliminate the need for the vaseline.