Saturday, June 5, 2010

Still here

Hello! I'm pretty sure you haven't been worried, but just in case you have....I'm still here :)

It's been crazy around here. School is wrapping up and I've spent all week boxing up books and posters. I did manage to put the final report cards together before the last day of school....which has never happened before. I'm always the teacher printing the report cards 30 minutes before the students walk in the door! But magically I got my buisiness together this year. Which is surprising considering all that's been going on. I'm going in to school again today to finish boxing up my stuff. Yay! I'm just as excited for summer as my students are!

Last weekend I headed out to Virginia for a friend's wedding and ever since I've got back I've felt terrible. I haven't tried to run in over a week because I don't think I'll make it more than a mile before I'll need to find some bushes. If this continues into next week I'm going to get it checked out. The wedding was beautiful and I even got to check out Colonial Williamsburg while I was there. But all that walking and not eating normal has sent my system into a panic. Here's hoping I can get back into it soon.

***Update on my temper tantrum run. After I told my husband what happened, bought me a present while I was out of town. I came home to find one of those water-bag-backpack-things. Now I won't have to worry about balancing a water bottle in my hands anymore! I have always wanted one of these things and I really hope it works out. Has anyone used one of these things before? How well do they work for running?

The 5k I was planning to run on June 12th might be a scratch....I haven't registered for it yet, so I won't be upset about the money. But I will be upset about not being able to run it. I still have a week to see if I can make it though.

Expect some sort of running related post from me soon....I hope! Happy running!


  1. Hope you feel back to yourself soon.

  2. When I first started running I used a camelback. I really liked it. I have since switched to one that just goes around the waist but I have no real complaints. Just make sure you body glide your skin where the straps will be sitting or else you might chafe.

  3. what a sweetheart buying you a water/running gift.