Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Fieldtrip...and I can breathe!

Today I took my students on a much anticipated field trip to a living history museum Civil War expo. They had so much fun! It was such a great way to close out our Civil War unit. We talked about CW era baseball, what blacksmiths did, what soldiers wrote home about, the dancing, what soldiers carried in their knapsacks, how they fired their weapons, what children played with at school, CW ear medicine, and ladies fashion. They needed a volunteer and of course I couldn't resist...
They boys found it funny when I had to take the dress off. The hostess had just slipped it on over my regular clothes, but they boys still looked away when she went to take it off of me. Ha! The girls couldn't believe how many layers of underwear they would have had to wear.

Pretty sure I'm buying a dress like that to teach the unit next year :)

Yesterday I did my first run after taking my inhaler. I didn't feel any different after I used it. No tingling, funny taste, angels singing...nothing. So I wasn't sure. I waited the 10 minutes my doctor told me to wait by stretching and adjusting my shoes. As I set out I couldn't believe how I felt. From the first step I noticed a difference. When I ran before, I felt like I had to cough and my lungs were spastic. Now, I felt relaxed. I didn't have one single breathing issue. My airways were clear the whole time! I felt like I could run for days!!!! My legs didn't feel that way, but my lungs did.

I think I'm going to like this inhaler thing! My spirometry test is scheduled for next Tuesday, so I'll know more about things then. I still haven't heard any of the results of my blood test. Hopefully I'll get a call tomorrow.

I'll leave you with this photo...Happy Cinco de Mayo!

*Side Note.....Let's Go Blackhawks!!! Beat those Canucks!*


  1. Yay for breathing!! PS Doozer looks like she's giving you the evil eye in that picture

  2. Lets go Sharks - Western Conference Champions! :D