Friday, November 20, 2009


Well, I did it. I came home from school and ran today. I even decided to give Bentley another try. I figured if it wasn't working out, I'd just swing back by the house and leave him in the living room. But, he was surprisingly good! I guess that means we're just running the neighborhood from now on.

I did workout 2.1 of the program. I ended up purchasing the app for my iPod because it was too much to run, hold a dog leash, and check a watch at the same time. I love that there was this little voice telling me when to run and when to walk. It was great! Best $3 I've spent in the last week.

The running part of the workout went well. I was surprised with how smooth I was. The only thing that is still bothering me is my shins. I really do need to break down and get a new pair of shoes. I could really feel how much the padding is worn down and how my ankles roll out. I also need a gait analysis. There is only one running store around here that I know of that does that and when I went there last summer, they only had about 3 pairs of shoes in my size. Now, I'm a size 6. Is that an unusual size? When the sales person asked me what size I would need, he hesitated and told me they don't usually carry that size. I was rather annoyed and vowed to only buy my shoes from a sporting-goods store from then on, but I probably should go back. I'll make them order me a darn pair of shoes if I have to! Seriously, is a size 6 that unusual for a runner?

I'm thinking of doing workout 2.2 tomorrow so that I can catch back up on the program. I also want to do some Christmas shopping before I end up broke and out of time...hmmm...we'll see where this goes.


  1. Great job on your successful run!

    Size 6 is not an abnormal size. The size of the salesmans brain is abnormal. I wear a size 6.5 in "normal" shoes and a size 7 in running shoes. When you get your gait analysis done they will tell you what kind of shoe to get. You can then try on some of their shoes and then go buy a pair online or from your sporting good store. If they try and steer you towards a motion control or super expensive shoe I wouldn't do it. You can get a stability shoe without going into motion control, which in my opinion, a motion control shoe is too restrictive and can lead to other injuries.

  2. Definitely get fitted and if necessary drive a little further to another store. It will be an even better investment than the $3 app lol.