Monday, November 23, 2009

High point...

I was super motivated when I came home from work today. That probably had something to do with a funny incident that happened to my sub at school today while I was in a meeting...but I'll post about that after the run update.

Bentley and I did workout 2.3 from the program. He is getting so much better at listening to me! Except he decided he needed an extra potty break half way through the run and I had to carry poo with me the rest of the way...yuck! Anyway, I had been doing some reading on my shin pain and found some info on improving your form to ease the pain. As I ran, I focused on how my body was moving and discovered that I was leaning waaaay forward! I pulled myself back, tucked in my abs, and straightened my back and instantly I felt some relief. Wow! I focused on keeping myself in that form for the rest of the workout and things felt so much better. I'm going to try the posture again on my next run and see if it makes anymore of a difference. I'm also thinking about visiting the local running store this weekend to investigate new shoes (and a possible "Black Friday" sale, because I'm a cheapskate and that's all that's keeping me from just freakin' buying them already! Gosh!). The loop we run/walk around the neighborhood is 2.17 miles. I probably run about half of that, so it's not bad. I can really feel my endurance kicking in because my lungs aren't screaming for air anymore.

Ok...what happened to my sub. I had to laugh when he told me this today. Keep in mind that these are 5th graders. I had put into my plans for him to show two videos because I wasn't sure of his sub quality (I'll post my theories on this at a later date) and didn't want to give him too much to actually teach. He said that about half way through an ancient Social Studies video about Native Americans the tracking was starting to go and fuzzy lines were forming on the screen. Before he could do anything else, the VCR just shut off and went back to TV mode. This wouldn't have been a problem except that the volume was at a level 50 and the image that was on the screen was a clip from last night's AMA's of some half-naked woman gyrating on stage with her dancers. He said the majority of my class was just in shock and didn't say anything....except for Mr. Inappropriate who just had to pipe up and say "Man! She's HOT!" This of course sent the class into hysterics. It was rather difficult to refocus on Math after that. HA! Now I purposely have the TV and VCR channel set to the Weather Channel to avoid any incident like that...but somehow the channel must have been changed. Oh well.

Now I'm at home, relaxing before cooking dinner and grading papers. Unfortunately, my kitten has gone into heat again and is just plain creeping me out! Yuck! Luckily, I called the vet and she can still have her spay/declaw surgery tomorrow morning. Only 15 more hours of the creepy sex-kitten! Yay! Wish us luck.


  1. That's great that you were able to figure that out. You are doing great. Progress happens quickly in the beginning and it's so fun to see and experience that. Keep up the great work!

  2. That is a really funny story. :) Did you end up with any good deals?