Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Report cards and an early birthday present

*prepare for random thoughts that don't exactly go together*

This is "report card week". I hate report card week. That means that I have zero free time. Barely enough time to type them and eat dinner before bed time.....if I squeeze in a run I'm going to be up forever!

I've been having some chest/breathing/heart issues lately. I would get this strange flutter in my chest and then it goes away. No other symptoms. Now it's a constant tightness, dull pain, and shortness of breath. After finally taking myself to the doctor I have learned that my Dr. isn't exactly concerned that a perfectly healthy 26-year-old is complaining of these symptoms :( The heart monitor they want me to wear won't be available for another month!.....boy....hope this isn't serious (*annoyed eye roll*)

Despite the chest issues I've still been running. I can run just fine, a fairly fast I might add. Today Husband and I did 5 miles in 49:35! I broke 50!!! Yay! Didn't feel a thing the whole time....I also photographed part of this run. Should post them tomorrow.

We just switched our mobile phone service to Verizon. I'm now the proud mamma of an iPhone!!! (bandwagon...what?!?) Any apps I should get? The free-er the better!

I just finished my 27th report card while watching the Blackhawks game! I had to rewrite the comments a few times due to distractions :) Oops!

Bentley just barked at me in his sleep. He's not a barking dog when he's awake, but he barks softly in his sleep. He's odd.

The wedding on Saturday was beautiful! When photos are posted I will put some up here :) I looked great! and so did the bride. And I was pretty much the best attendant ever! I made her bridesmaids look like freeloaders :)

I am famous! Not really, but I did get my photo in the local news paper. My students participated in a speech competition and the newspaper photographer showed up for our session. She photographed me "keeping the peace" during the score-tallying by reading a story. I don't get the newspaper so I didn't see it until my students brought me a few copies. :)

Holy Cow! I need to go to bed! L8r!


  1. Yikes, i hope you find out what's causing that - and that it's nothing serious!

    Great job on your run! :)

  2. How many students did you have? You are on 27? No wonder you don't have any free time. Good luck getting those done.

  3. Chest issues.... anxiety? You remind me a little of myself and I suffered a lot from anxiety. Chest issues, body going numb, panic attacks, blah, blah, blah. When you have the chest issues, what were you thinking? Are you generally a worry wart like me? (I'm QUEEN of worry right now and have a hard time catching my breath).

  4. chest issues...ut uh that isn't anything to mess with get that figured out! and ugh for report cards...death! But yay for breaking 50 that's awesome! and can't wait to see the wedding pictures!