Friday, April 29, 2011

Important stuff

So.....some important stuff happened this week.

* I turned 26 on Monday ;) Happy birthday to me!!!!!

* I ran 11 miles on my birthday because I had the day off school, and it was on my plan. A year ago I never would have thought it possible to run 11 miles, let alone be motivated enough to want to run them on my birthday. Go me!

* those 11 miles and your kind words gave me the confidence I need to feel like I can kick butt in this half mary! (I can call it that because I'm a serious bad-ass runner now)

* my prince got married to someone who wasn't me ~*le sigh*~

* I logged 23 miles this week. Peak week of training is over. I guess you'd say this is taper time! So.... Bring it I guess!

* and this is my 200th post!!! Expect a giveaway soon to celebrate!

Happy running!


  1. Yeah to the birthday run and sorry your prince left you behind. But don't forget there is still one prince left!

  2. Happy birthday - hope it was a good one! And great job on your 11 miles!! That's awesome!

  3. Yeah for 200 and double yeah for your birthday :)