Friday, April 22, 2011

Almost time

I've run 2 races so far this year. Penguin in the Park 5K in 28:00, total PR. Heritage Run 10K, my first, in 59:54, instant PR. Daily mile says I've logged 159 miles so far in 2011. The next race I run will be a half marathon. Will it be a PR as well? Can I beat 2:43:22?

There are only 23 days left until the Green Bay Half Marathon. I'm starting to feel the butterflies. After the 10K on Sunday I was thinking that I just did "half" of a half marathon (sort of). It took a lot of effort...I know I was sick.....but it took more effort than I wanted it to. I'm starting to doubt.

I've completed most of my runs on my plan. Stuck to the schedule as much as I could when life/weather/laziness didn't get in the way. But I remember how hard Chicago was last summer. And I had SIL#1 and SIL#2 running with me in Chicago. This year I'll be on my own, unless Husband decides that he's not out for a PR and wants to stick with me. I run my best when he's with me. He makes me better :) But we've both trained for our own races.

I know I can complete the distance. I want to complete the distance. I want to kick ass! I want to bring a PR back to show my students on that Monday! If you set your mind to it, you can do it!! (Awesome Long Legs Katye and Tall Mom Mel have proved that with their Boston races this week.) This is the only half on my schedule this year so I want it to be awesome!

Will it be everything I want it to be?


  1. I have no doubt you will do great! You've got two great races behind you - third time's a charm. :)

  2. Work for it. You can do it. Half marathons are hard but the best!

  3. I strongly believe that your body is ready for the distance that you mentally prepare for. What I mean is...a 10K can feel crazy hard and you wonder how you will make it through a half but at the 10K you were mentally prepared for 6.2 not 13.1. I swear sometimes a 5K can feel as hard as a marathon! So don't let that trip you up. You can definitely conquer the distance and if you go into it deciding you will love it no matter what...than yes it will be everything you want it to be!