Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Heritage Run 10K Race Report

I haven't been feeling well lately and haven't felt much like blogging :( Also, I have been reading blogs on my iPhone and it's more difficult to post from there.

However, I have been keeping up with running. After last week's 80 degree Sunday, the temps took a dive back into the 30's. It felt so cold after being so beautiful :(

I managed a 4-mile neighborhood run last Tuesday with Bentley. The temps hadn't got to complete crap yet, so it was manageable. I chose the hilly neighborhoods to purposefully kick my butt. It hurt, but it made it. 42:something was my time.

I skipped my Friday run because my because I started to fight this allergy/cold/flirt-with-death that I've got going on.

Sunday was race day! I sucked up the sickies and made it work. I was up around 8:30ish and was fully functional by 9:00. I made some tea, ate some peanut butter toast, and tried to decide on an outfit. The temps were supposed to be in the low 50's....but it was windy! I finally decided on my tights, cool-weather long-sleeve shirt, and a tech tee over top. Plus my good luck Princess tiara Bondi Band!!! Husband and I ran the whole thing together. (I love that we can do that!) Through the whole thing I had visions of us crossing the finish line holding hands :) However, the blisters and chest pain became a little too much toward the end. I was fighting pretty good for the last mile to keep myself from walking. But when we saw that finish line, I decided to smoke him!!! I broke out my run-like-I-stole-something sprint and thought I blew him away! I just made it to the finish line when I caught a glimpse of him over my right shoulder. He caught me right at the end and we did cross the finish line together! (just not holding hands) 60 minutes and something.

I had 10 miles on the training plan for Sunday so after we got home I suited up Bentley and headed out to the trail. I kept it slow because the blisters were ouching me. But, I finished my 4 miles. Full 10 miles completed as planned :)

Then I spent the next two days in a snotted-up funk. I felt terrible. So much cool air on my already banged up lungs :( I felt like I was breathing fire and talking like a man. The students though I was entertaining. I wanted to die. Today it's raining buckets, and I'm being lazy. Plus I'm still a snot factory. Hopefully I can get in a run tomorrow.

Congrats to all the Boston runners yesterday! Especially Katye who fought a huge mental game to get through! I'm super proud of all of you :)


  1. Way to pull through!! I hope you get to feeling better soon.

  2. Oh no! Hope the snot factory closes shop soon!