Sunday, April 10, 2011

I've got some 'splainin to do...

So....I skipped my long run last week. The wedding festivities carried over into Sunday and before I knew it I was out of time and out of motivation (and I hadn't seen a glass of water in who knows how long). I intended to push it to Monday, but the weird feelings in my chest got the best of me and I made myself go to the Dr. after school. When I got home, Husband kept bragging about how "good" his 9.5 miles felts and I couldn't keep myself from feeling like crap. So I sucked it up, put my shoes on and managed 4 miles before it started to pour down rain.

Wednesday was a much better day. Husband, Bentley, and I attacked 5 miles on the trail in record time :) I felt great!!! Not even the tiniest bit sore either.

Friday, was supposed to do 6 miles. But, I felt like I had been hit by a bus all day. It was almost like I had never fully woken up that morning and that I was just going through the school-day motions like a robot. The chest issues were bothering me big time so I just came home and took a nap instead of running like I wanted. (This was also day #1 of new meds to deal with chest issues)

Saturday felt great! The sun was up and it was 60-something by 9:00am!!! I was off to yoga before a baby shower and was hoping to make up those 6 after it was over. Didn't make up the 6 but did a lot of laundry and graded some papers. Did make plans for a "long" run the next day

Today, Sunday, I felt even better!!! (I'm digging these meds!) It was 70 by the time I woke up and I just couldn't get my feet in my shoes fast enough. I made sure that I had my GUs and my camelpak because I was going to feel "hot" out there. My pace was super slow, partially because I didn't want any chest issues flaring by trying to be superwoman. At the turn around point I realized that I should have stuffed my inhaler in my hip pack because the combo of tree pollen and burning yard waste was messing with my lungs :( But I fought through it and really didn't need to walk until the last mile. At that point there is a quarter mile stretch where there is no shade. I didn't know it but it had gotten to about 80 at this point and boy did I feel it! Not used to this yet!..... Love it! Just not used to it. Overall, good run...just really slow.

It's a good thing I ran when I did. It's still beautiful out but Dr. Tornado from the weather channel says I'm getting blown away this evening. Hopefully this is one of those times where the weather man is wrong.

Only a few posts left until I attempt a giveaway! Happy running!

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