Friday, September 24, 2010

so mad

I'm so mad right now.

Mad that I didn't get any runs in this week. (except a 5:00 AM on Monday with Husband)

Mad that I didn't make any effort to run this week. (other than the 5:00 AM on Monday)

Mad that I'm still behind on school work.

Mad that I can't "walk away" from my job at 3:00 like everyone else.

Mad that I'm the only one that notices how dirty our house is.

Mad that I'm the only person in my state that can obey traffic laws on the highway! When traffic is stopped that doesn't give you a free pass to drive down the shoulder! That is ILLEGAL!!! Had I had the number for the state police I would have reported all of those suckers! ARGH!

Mad that I let some jerks on the highway ruin my night.

Mad that it's Friday night and I'm home alone with my dog and about to go to bed.

Mad that I'm mad.


  1. Do you feel better now?? Cause anger gets your nowhere. Just start over this week!

    PS_ I drive in NJ, so I know all about the assholes on the road.

  2. Yes...anger doesn't get you anywhere. I just needed to get that out...husband came home and listened while I cried it out.

    You're right. This is a new week!!!

  3. let it out and move on =) that's the only thing to do but i hate when people feel like they are more important/more entitled to be somewhere faster than you as if no one has anywhere to be but them. grrr

  4. That's awesome he listened to you. Although he probably knew you'd be mad if he didn't.

    Yes, it's a new week. New goals. New day.