Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New pants

I took myself to Target today and bought a pair of fitted capris. I also bought a shirt off the clearance rack. Love that!

I have been super depressed about running lately. I haven't wanted to get up a go. I haven't even wanted to read about it. When my husband comes home from a run, I won't let him tell me how far he went or I'll get jealous...even more jealous than I already am that he had the motivation to run and I, instead, let the couch eat my butt. I can't even bring myself to celebrate his success or anyone else's running success because I'm so upset with my lack of motivation.

Today, again, I decided to suck it up and go for it. Between the rain clouds I put on my new running gear and got in a quick 2 miles. (I just have to say that I love saying "quick 2 miles." I feel like a real runner when I say that) Anyway, as I was finishing up it started to rain harder. Talk about catching the window of opportunity. I am glad I did it. I'm also glad I bought those capris! I look hot!

Let's hope I can get another run in tomorrow and the next day. Then maybe we'll try for the 5K on Saturday :)


  1. New clothes are always great motivation to go run!

    Sometimes we all don't feel like running. Don't beat yourself up over it. We run for fun right? When it becomes a chore it takes all the fun out of it. Take a few days rest and I am sure you will be iching to lace up the shoes again.

  2. I agree with Kristen, new clothes feed the fire and get you going. Plus if you are looking hot you have to show off right?
    Keep running!

  3. Hey there! I find when I get in a running rut that if I surround myself with all things running and actually go for a run, well, that is enough to light the fire under me. Maybe you just need a break right now. Nothing wrong with that. Take care.