Friday, June 25, 2010

Take that Lazy Monster!

So....after a lazy start to my week, I've managed to turn it around. Total of 10.44 miles logged this week!

The bus may stop here though. The SIL is getting married tomorrow and we're busy all day long. Hopefully we won't have had too much fun on Saturday and can get a long run in on Sunday (evening?) to get back on schedule. Otherwise, my goal is to run the long one on Monday.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

* Anyone know any good IT band stretches? I think mine is starting to act up :( Any websites with good how-to guides to stretching that thing?*


  1. WOOHOO for beating the Lazy Monster!!! Hope the wedding was fun and didn't derail you again!

    IT band suggestions:
    1) a quick google led me to this image: This is basically the one my athletic trainer friend (and running clinic coach) has us do.
    2) lay on your back with feet on floor, knees up, cross right ankle over left knee and pull left knee towards chest. Reverse for other leg. Googled image:
    3) get a foam roller and roll out your IT bands! I have a friend that had major IT band problems and swears by this!

    Hope that helps!

  2. I think I'm running the RnR Chicago Half!

  3. A foam roller is great for IT.