Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Splish Splash

Today was my first day of cross training. What did I do? I found myself a pool! And adult swim didn't cost as much as I thought! I really don't swim well, but I did my best. 30 minutes of splashing and floundering. It felt great! I know that if I keep practicing, I'll be a better swimmer by the end of the summer.

Tomorrow I'm scheduled to run 4 miles. I'm hoping to take my sister-in-law with me. Hopefully she doesn't bail on me!

I'm feeling really good about my training so far. I haven't hit any sort of high milage, so that might change my outlook once I get there.

Keep those fingers crossed for me!


  1. swimming is a good cardio workout for me. It may because I'm such a poor swimmer and hold my breath.