Sunday, January 11, 2015

Keeping the faith

Since I last posted I've kept up with every run. Though I've slacked with the abs challenge.

Today was our first long run. All 3 miles of it. AC has been pretty faithful so far. I'm quite proud of her. She kept telling me today that she doesn't want to hold me back. She doesn't want to slow me down. That her goal isn't to run the whole thing. I'm totally annoyed by that because I know she can. I told her that I'm here to believe in her until she can believe in herself.

It's interesting that I'm now in the position to bring training motivation to someone. I remember when I first started and could hardly run half a mile without feeling like I was dying. I was so convinced that running any distance was impossible. But I remember the wise words of my sister: "Just keep moving forward." So I shuffeled, hobbled, scampered, and jogged. But I kept moving forward. And eventually I ran.

I've learned so much about goals, plans, and believing in myself over the past year. I am fully confident that if I set my mind to it, I will accomplish it. I am proud to share my confidence with AC. I believe she can. And so she will.

Faith, my friend, is a powerful thing.

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