Thursday, January 22, 2015


We have run in the dark. We have run in the cold. We've run into forceful winds. We've run in the snow. But through it all we've kept running.

After our 5 mile run last week, AC found her faith. She told me as soon as she started that she was nervous, scared, and was pretty sure she couldn't do it. But with a little faith from me she did the whole thing without stopping! We would have cried if the tears wouldn't have collected snowflakes and frozen to our cheeks!

Tuesday and Friday she told me that our 3 miles were a piece of cake. She can't believe the words coming out of her mouth. What a runner she's become.

Today we were forced to postpone our 5 mile run because of atrocious weather. Over a foot of snow, single digit temps, gale force winds. We're under a blizzard warning until midnight. And there are 3ft snow drifts in front of our house.

We will run tomorrow.

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