Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Random fantasies

So I was fantasizing today....

I would like to show up to school and have the Trolls that live in my desk Not eat my copies for once!!!!! Seriously! I lost half my stuff!!! And it was in the "Wednesday" tray when I left last night! Grrr....

I want to be able to stop time during the day so I can fit in a run during lunch time. 40 minutes just isn't long enough.

I want to be able to catch all my "forgetful" kids before they leave my room and remind them to bring home their spirals.

I want to be a Victoria's Secret model. Seriously. They're looking for a petite angel, right?

I wish dishes would wash themselves.

There are a few other fantasies floating around in my mind right now....but I'm being distracted by my school stress and Celebrity Chefs of Beverly Hills.


  1. I want all my students to want to learn so they listen and behave and absorb the lesson. One or two (or more) don't wreck others chance to learn.

  2. I wish dinner would plan AND cook itself

    I wish I could be organized at work and not be visited by your trolls eating my papers too.

    I wish that chocolate had zero calories.

  3. I want all my parents to realize that I am ONE person. And that even though their child is the most important person to them, I have 320 kids to think about!

  4. Great fantasies...

    --I prefer running without shoes. My toes didn't get cold. Besides, if I'm in front from the start, no one can step on them. ~Michelle Dekkers - saucony running shoes

  5. oh man I could totally go for someone to right up my lesson plans for me =) oh and my portfolio.