Friday, December 10, 2010

Snowflakes and shoes laces

Well....believe it or not I have actually gotten in a few runs lately. Emphasis on few.

Last Saturday, just after our first snow storm of the year, Bentley and I went for our first "winter" run. This only happened because the road out leading away from my neighborhood was blocked by a tow truck pulling two cars out of the ditch and I couldn't get to yoga at the gym. The run wasn't too bad. It was only 1.25 miles and super slow because I kept slipping.

I also managed to get in a run tonight after school. The temps were still in the 20's and I knew those wouldn't last forever (Monday's high is only 6!!!!). Bentley and I went out and got back before it got too dark.

My endurance is really suffering with this inconsistent training. I had hoped to build up a good base before I started my Half training in February. Sadly, that hasn't happened. Maybe over Christmas break.....


  1. Brr!! I don't know how you runners survive the cold. I am SUCH a wimp when it comes to cold temps - that's why im thankful i live in the desert! ;)

  2. I hear everything has suffered! When I finally get back on schedule, I will be totally starting over. 100% back to the beginning for me. UGH!