Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Off the map

Ok....so....I've been one bad blogger :(

Sorry :(

After that race in FL I let myself take one of those "two-day breaks" that turns into a "two-week break." I managed to go for a 2.4 mile run the day before Thanksgiving with my sister. She's awesome! We passed on the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day because we just had too much to get ready that morning. Oh well.

I have rediscovered the gym though! When I joined, I was all about the Saturday morning Yoga class. The instructor was fantastic! However, when they redid the schedule for the fall, that instructor was no longer scheduled for Saturday morning! Bummer! I finally brought myself to try her class last weekend. Love her! I even managed to squeeze in her class last night after school. I just have to remember to keep putting her class on my calendar :)

School is a whole other story right now. The stress level is through the roof! Yesterday, by 2:00, my shoulders were so tense that I couldn't lift my arms past my shoulders. I was trying to point up toward a map and explain something about the location of a Native American tribe, and I just couldn't do it! I made a student bring me a yard-stick. Ugh! I also heard a rumor that the superintendent had made her choice for our replacement principal. Hopefully we'll find that out tomorrow.

Christmas break is coming and I'm looking forward to some sleep and a massage....or two. Only 13 more days of school....


  1. Yuck about the stress at school. I would also say school is stressful but yours sounds much more so.

  2. My school is really stressing me out too. I am having major stomach issues and hate getting out of bed in the morning.

    glad to hear you are back :)