Thursday, August 19, 2010


I am a lucky winner in Jill's Yurbuds giveaway!!! How awesome!!!

I have been in a funk the last couple of days and the sucky parts of life have really been getting to me. Seeing my name on Jill's blog reminded me that good things do happen and that the sucky parts are temporary. Thank you Jill for hosting an amazing giveaway!! I can't wait to try out my new Yurbuds and write a review :)

Here's an update on the school situation:

Background: I currently teach 5th grade at a school that I've been teaching at for 4 years. Over the summer, our school received grant money that allowed them to purchase a SMART Board for each grade level. This sounds great, but when you have 3 sections of each grade level, it led to some fighting over who was going to get the board in their room. I, despite having taken 2 classes and creating multiple lessons for this piece of technology, was passed over due to seniority. The teacher who received it over me simply has an "interest" in technology. She hasn't even seen one of these boards before! I have not been happy about this.

Last week, after registration numbers finally started to finalize, my principal called me and told me that I would be moving rooms to accommodate some overflow that was occurring. Let it be known that I volunteered for this move after hearing that the overflow was going to happen and a "new" teacher was going to be put into a classroom that had a SMART Board and I was going to be stuck in a room that still had a chalk board and no working printer! This overflow also meant that instead of having 27 kids in each class we would have 20 kids in each class. Perfect! A SMART Board and a small class! What more could I ask for? (This was the Lucky Day I posted about last week)

Sadly, the very next week, the superintendent calls my principal and says that enrollment numbers were goofed and that we can't have and overflow section anymore. Now we're back to having 27 students per classroom. This isn't horrible, but we won't have a lot of wiggle space in my room this year. At all. We're also only 2 students away from having an overflow section again. So I could be changing everything around again in the next week! Oh....and did I mention that we start school on Tuesday? And that is just one small part of the school drama. We still can't get into the parking lot or the bus lane because of construction. The school still needs to hire 2 more teachers. The building will be closed all weekend because they are waxing the floors so teachers can't get in to do last minute stuff. Drama. Drama. Drama. I almost don't even want to go back.

However...I still get my "dream" room with the SMART Board. Check it out!!! (This is before I was "done" decorating. And before all 27 desk found there way in here. And yes, those are the original desks from 1962 when the school was built. Some of my students' parents sat in those very same desks. Sad.)

Expect some better pictures next week :) Hopefully school starts on time without a hitch!


  1. Are those the lift type desks? I hate those. I think 27 kids is a lotf! Congrats on the smart board. We have document cameras that we got last spring which are also pretty darn awesome. We ALL got them. I think giving one per grade would not encourage team cameraderie. I know I didn't spell that right. We are also going to have omios or something? I confess I do not know what that is but we will be trained over inservice. My main goal this fall is to get my room's web page up and working. I hope to do a blog as part of it as that is something I am comfortable with. Do you have room for a circle with that many kids? I am heading in soon to do some more in my class. Do you mean students or teachers start next Tuesday? For us it is teachers.

  2. I hate the politics of working in a school!

    Our teachers come back on the 25th and the students on the 1st. I want summer to start over!!!

  3. you will LOVE yurbuds. They are so so so wonderful. I can't stand wearing regular ear buds now