Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More miles and a race regisration

I got up and got some miles in before my workshop this morning. It wasn't as hard to talk myself into as I thought :) It's been quite a while since I've done a run by myself, and this kinda felt weird. But I popped in my iPod and went for it. It's also been a while since I've listened to my iPod while running. But today, I needed it. The music kept me going. I really felt like I was flying :) The time you will see in my Daily Mile widget isn't super fantastic, but sub 11-minute miles are great at this point. I'd like to be sub 10-minute by my next race.

Speaking of my next race, I mailed in my registration for my next race! It will be a 4 mile trail race in September. What I think I will like most about this race is that it is sponsored and benefiting the Girl Scouts. It is also being held at a local Girl Scout camp. I, having been a Girl Scout as a kid, spent many summers at this camp. They happen to be some of my most horrific memories from my was not a good experience for me. Anyway...I'm looking forward to going back to this camp, running the 4-mile trail race, and kicking those bad memories once and for all! Plus, the race is called the Thin Mint Sprint! That means cookies! Who doesn't love GS Cookies?!?! Me...because I can't eat them. But I will be making an exception after the race if they are available. :)

Anyway...summer is over like I've said before. School is still a messy situation and I have workshops to attend for the rest of the week. I'm looking to put more miles on my shoes on Friday morning if the weather is good. We're under a heat advisory for the rest of the week. Yuck!

Now I just need to decide on my October race.....


  1. I've been getting quite a bit done at school. There is no one there to distract me and my room is moving forward. But there is still a ton left to do.

  2. I can eat a sleeve of thin mints in one sitting and then wonder in amazement what happens to the cookies? Did I drop some? Did someone steal some? I didn't really eat all of them did I?

    Your race sounds fun and maybe running it will erase the bad camp memories.