Friday, January 4, 2013

First "run" of 2013

In keeping with my New Year's Promise, I ran today. My friend from work heads to the high school every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday to take her son to wrestling practice. While there she walks laps around the indoor track with the other moms to pass the time. I decided to join her tonight. Because we're still on break, and there was a basketball game, the indoor track was closed. Luckily, knowing the athletic director pays off and we were able to "run" the halls instead. I have no idea what we did for distance, but I know we ran/walked for an hour.

She is still a beginning runner and doesn't think she can run a half marathon all the way through. I'm pretty sure she can if she trains and puts her mind to it. I really enjoy walking/running with her because we talk a lot and pass the time. I know that talking while running will help improve endurance (or maybe that's just a myth I heard somewhere).

 I have no halves in mind yet, but I'm hoping to pick one soon. Hopefully local and not expensive. My dream would be a Disney race, but there's no time/money for that. I would love to do Green Bay again, but I need to decide by tomorrow or the rates go up. I do not think I'd do another RockNRoll race in Chicago because it's way too crowded and way to expensive. I might do the Rockford half in May, but a friend who ran/walked it last year said they ran out of beer/medals/shirts/etc by the time she and her partner crossed the finish line. But who knows. Grand plans may all turn to dust if BabyBoy has his way with it.

Tomorrow is full of birthday parties and socializing before we head back to school, so no running here. But maybe Mr Bentley and I will take a stroll around the neighborhood on Sunday.

I did manage to purchase new running shoes on Wednesday. The local running store was able to fit me with Brooks Ghost 5. I always run into the problem of them only having around 5 pairs for me to choose from in my size. Seems people with small feet don't shop there. But this time Anthony helped me find a perfect fit. Looking forward to logging lots of miles on these guys!

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