Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Plan

Husband finally hooked up all the electronics in the basement today! We also had the sofa delivered. It's starting to look like a real room!

Well.....just to make sure he did it right, I decided to test out the Wii. I got a Wii fit for Christmas a year ago and wanted to do "body test." I don't believe these things are very accurate, but they give some general idea of weight (not all!!). When I last tried this, it was May and I had just finished training for the Cellcom Green Bay Half Marathon. I was also working and on some sort of schedule. It gave me a weight of 132 lbs in May (probably a "skinny" day). I was stoked! I did the happy dance around the living room! My training was working. Running was working. Life was good.

Flash forward to today.....Wii no like me anymore :( I seem to have gained about 10 lbs since May. I have not been running consistently, despite going to the gym almost daily. I'm taking classes here, not running. I am not working (teacher = summer off) and am on no schedule what so ever! Food? Yea we have lots of it. I eat most of it. Even though we're stuffed full of veggies because of our CSA farm share.

Crap! How did this happen?

Honestly, I felt this coming. I haven't been my healthiest self. For the past 3 weeks I've just felt awful. It's been 90+ degrees outside with 104+ heat index for that entire time. This heat is killing me! I've been inside....sitting, reading, and eating. I've felt slow and lethargic. And yesterday I had trouble buttoning my shorts.....they fit perfectly two months ago. I've been sleeping through breakfast and skipping lunch as well. I'll graze off of what ever I find by rarely sit down for any other meal except dinner. That is like health/nutrition 101; never skip a meal!

I want there to be another reason for this ;) ......but sadly, not yet.....I don't think....

I don't feel unhealthy. In fact, I just had a blood test today an the nurse was excited that my BP and HDL numbers were so low! My HDL and triglycerides were so low they didn't even register on the test :) I still feel like the best person I've been in years....mentally.

So. What am I going to do about this. Well, here's the plan:

1. Stop skipping meals. Breakfast and lunch matter!

2. Set my alarm to wake up in the morning by 8:00. (it's summer, I'm giving myself some "sleep-in" time)

3. Stick to the new workout plan: Run 4 times a week. Long runs on Sunday. Cross train on Wednesday. Do yoga on Monday and Saturday. Fit fitness classes in around the Tuesday-Thursday runs.

4. Get SIL#1 or Husband in on this plan with me (Misery loves company! Just kidding. Trying to spread the "healthy" here!)

5. Keep planing out meals ahead of time and working in as many fruits/veggies as possible!

I've already written out a schedule that takes me through August 31st. School starts on the 22 so I've worked it out so I can get it all in. I want to feel good again. I felt great in May and I want that back!

I'm going to make this work!

Happy running!


  1. I hear you. Maybe you can motivate me in your weight loss because I am not doing well at all.

  2. Sounds like a good plan - i know you can do it!

  3. I'm just getting back into the blogging world after a LONG hiatus and I was catching up with you! I'm so happy to see you've kept up with and improved your running! And I HEAR ya on the weight loss/gain issues.

  4. You have an awesome plan lined up. I have a question for you....if you feel the best you've felt mentally, is it alright for you to be ok with your physical self too?

    Keep up the great work.