Monday, July 18, 2011

Haven't run in a while....

I'm not being lazy, I'm just not feeling it.

Locker #53 at the gym and I are becoming very good friends. I have logged all of my workouts on DailyMile and am loving seeing the green bars almost every day :) I am missing the mileage numbers that used to go with them though...

We seem to have entered a tropical heat wave here in IL. As much as I want to go running, I don't think my body will cooperate with this heat. Will make a greater effort to get in a few treadmill miles this week :)

What motivated me in the past was a race. I need to choose an August 5-10K. I sent the SIL's a link to a local race calendar, but I haven't heard anything back. I'm really the only one who plans anything. Ooooh! Just had an idea! I'll check Sister's local race calendar in Middle-Of-Nowhere-IL :) She'd like a visit! (I'm smart sometimes!)

Let you know what I pick when I pick it :)


  1. I love racing! Hope you find a good one.

  2. Yes please, come visit me and we can do a race in say...October? That would be awesome!